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  • How often can we hold a fundraiser?
That’s up to you... Some groups hold them quarterly. We have groups that sell in the Fall to get all the football fans and early holiday shoppers. Then they do one in the Spring for a Cinco De Mayo themed sale.
  • Are there any upfront costs?
Absolutely not, you only pay for what you sell and you don’t do so until you are ready to place your order.
  • Do you work with any size or type of organization?
Yes, we can work with very small groups of 1-3 all the way up to large organizations of 1000 or more. We also sell to any type of non-profit organization including individuals who are raising money for special projects. No 501c required
  • What is your minimum order?
There are no minimum orders.
  • How long should we sell?
We recommend no more than a 2-3 week selling period including 2 weekends. Allow time for late orders to come in.
  • Does Casa De Jorge Salsas require refrigeration?
Not until they are opened. They have a 2-year shelf life and are good once opened and in the fridge for 8-12 months.
  • How much is shipping?
Shipping of the final bulk order is free to your organization. Shipping of individual online orders do incur a shipping charge. The charge is determined by the number of salsas ordered and shipping destination.
  • What about sales tax?
Most states we deal with are sales tax-free since the salsas are considered a grocery item. You will need to check to see if your state requires you to collect sales tax.
  • I have food allergies, how can I find out what is in the salsas?
No problem! The order forms list all the flavors with their ingredients. They are also listed here on our website on the order page.
We use all gluten free, nut free, and soy free ingredients.
  • I’m a vegetarian; do the salsas contain any meat or dairy?
They are all vegan.
  • How is the salsa delivered?
Depending on the size of the order and your location, the salsa will either ship UPS, FedEx, an LTL Carrier, or we personally deliver it.
  • Do the orders come “Bulk Packed or "Student Packed"
The salsa arrives “Bulk Packed” which means they are sorted by flavor. We found this to be the easiest and least chaotic way to deliver the salsas. If they are sorted by person and not verified it becomes a huge mess if there is an error on either end. The individual orders are very easy to pick once they have arrived. We have a method that will be explained once the delivery is made.
  • What happens if something is damaged or missing?
We guarantee any damaged or missing products will be replaced or refunded.