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Social Distancing Salsa Fundraising
with Casa De Jorge Salsa

We are going through unprecedented times with COVID-19 and with social distancing, but fear not. We can still help you reach your fundraising goal while staying safe at home!

Might we suggest
an online-only Salsa Fundraising sale?

You can promote through social media and other avenues.

The cost of the salsas are $7.00 each plus s/h and you keep $3.50 per salsa. We will ship directly to the person ordering. Turnaround time is 1-3 days once the order is placed on our website.

As the orders come, we’ll send you a copy of the order so you can track the progress of the sale and see who sold what. At the end of your predetermined sale date, we cut you a check. Done!

For a while, this has been an added option to our Salsa Fundraising program and with it, groups are having great success. You can too!

Email or call with any questions or you can go ahead and sign up here. http://www.salsafundraising.com/category-s/113.htm...

Stay Safe!
Casa De Jorge Salsa Fundraising Team